The Band EP

by Townes

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the Band.


released 24 September 2013

Produced by Venny Vargas and Townes the Band
Recording and Mastering by Venny Vargas
Drums Recorded by 15 HiFi Recording Studios

All Songs are written and performed by Townes the Band



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Slow Down
This California daydream
ain't what it used to be
I had good intentions
but it slipped out from under me
I lost myself for a spell
just to get ahead
In the end what does it matter
If we all end up dead?

Slow down

Oh how I miss the daze
and how I used to feel
But now all I think about
is this never ending repeal
In the last days of light
I will unravel this mystery
Before I reach that eternal shade
I only have one thing to say,

Better off knowing nothing at all...
Track Name: Paper and Pen
Late night calls, now just waiting
For another way of life, a new way of thinking
Change comes fast, and then goes
First comes love, then something else
Always moving on, or away
Onto the next bus or plane
Oh baby, how can you find you way, with your eyes closed

All I need, Is a paper and a pen
To catalog all of my sins
All I need is a woman who understands
That after all, the lover you want ain’t the lover that you need

Now she’s leaving today
At least that’s what her sister says
I can see her now packing up all her things
Her blankets her china her mother’s jewelry
With each day she spends, not with me
Reminds me of that book i forgot to read
Oh baby, who’s gonna tell me what to do if not you

Whatever you want
I will get
Whatever I have
I will give away
Oh baby, you are everything I want and more
Track Name: John Wayne
I tip my hat like John Wayne in that movie you never saw
That was the deal we made when we laid in bed all those years ago
I didn't used to be searching for meaning in memories
But after you closed the door behind me I knew I might as well be

I am the same man you fell for
Always too late in saying what you needed to hear the most

The first day we met you didn't think too much of it
How did I know let's just say i felt it deep down to my bones
You got me to sing like a canary but you said you only sing for me
What could I do you put me in your pocket and you never let me go

How could I be such a fool when asked to fool around with you
I couldn't resist I was rendered helpless by a single request
You kissed me on the neck never intending to ascend my lips
It went all down from there some things are better learned on your own
Track Name: God Only Knows
Strip me down to my shaken bones
Hang up your stupid prepaid phone
It's doesn't feel the same but you can't be alone
And if you falter it's not my fault

If I'm wrong and you call me out
I'll cut you down

Only god knows where spend all your time

I left the kitchen stove on again out of habit
Thinking about small talk with ex boyfriends
Eating breakfast in the early afternoon
Hungover barely alive, reading yesterday's news.

Tucked away from prying eyes
My thoughts betray me most every night
The man I love escapes my mind
If I falter it's not me it's my pride
Track Name: One of a Kind
You sat there biting an apple
mouthing the words from an old delta blues album
I could see the sun was in your eyes
as you pretended not to mind
The way your face looked at me could only mean one thing

She was the only one able to find me out
Her blood still lingers on my tongue

Wrapped up in a piece of cloth// your shining like a Greek god
As you revealed herself to be another woman I would mislead
I never had a way with words but if only it wasn't her

Time moves so slow when our lips are close
How I wish I never knew what it was to be loved by you